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Josh Myers Valuation Solutions, LLC

Selected Presentions

Using Geographic-Attribute Weighted Regression for CAMA Modeling - IAAO Conference 2010

GAWR Extended Research - GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference 2011

R Software for Analysis in Real Estate Assessment - IPTI Spatial Analysis Symposium 2011

How to Detect Vertical Inequity More Accurately - GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference 2013

Statistical Observations on Mass Appraisal - VAAO Educational Seminar 2013

Testing GAWR with New Cost Models - IAAO Conference 2013

The COD - A Misunderstood Measure of Equity - GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference 2014

Location: The Great Equalizer - GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference 2014

Impact of Heterogeneity and Age on COD - IAAO Conference 2014

Regression Modeling Using Third Party Tools - Aumentum Users Group Conference 2014

Mass Appraisal Modeling Using GIS - North Carolina Dept. of Revenue Advanced Real Property Seminar 2014

What's So Great about R? The Skinny on the R Statistical Software - R Code (sub in own data set) - GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference 2015

Improving Data Quality Using Statistical Analysis - IAAO Conference 2015

Unique Applications of Geographically Weighted Regression - GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference 2016

Vertical Equity Decathlon: PRD vs. PRB - GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference 2017


Using Geographic-Attribute Weighted Regression for CAMA Modeling - Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration - 2010, Co-authored with Wayne Moore, PH.D.