Josh Myers Valuation Solutions, LLC

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Josh Myers Valuation Solutions offers innovative mass-appraisal consulting solutions for local government.  Josh provides these innovative solutions with an expertise derived from his education and his experience.  See the "About Josh" section for more about Josh.

Consulting solutions include regression model-building and implementation, independent ratio studies and performance analysis, advanced statistical analysis to solve complex problems, expert witness testimony, and statistical training for appraisal staffs.  These solutions can provide an incredible value for an appraisal office, resulting in a large benefit to cost ratio.

Sometimes, local jurisdiction assessment offices want to improve their results but don't know where to start or which solution will best fit their needs.  The goal is to work with the local jurisdiction to consult them on the best path forward.  Please use the "Contact Josh" section to tell him about your needs, and he will promptly contact you to set up a discussion.

Josh Myers Valuation Solutions strives to the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and quality.

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